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Hello, Students. Today, the SSC Vocational Result 2024 has been released. It hasn’t been a long time since the exam ended, so it’s time to check your Technical Board SSC Result 2024. The chairman, Prof. MD. Ali Akbar Khan, has declared the result published. To check the SSC Vocational Exam Result, you just need to enter your roll and registration number.

Technical Board has one of the finest results this year. Among 1.30 lakh candidates, over 85% have passed. Most of the students are male under this technical board. However, the Technical Board SSC Result is known as the Vocational Results. Here, you can see the detailed numerical BTEB SSC Result information. Also, you can download your own SSC Results 2024 vocational marksheet.

SSC Vocational Result 2024

To check your result, please follow the instructions given below-

Technical Board is one of the two specialized boards of the country. Every year, a good number of students appear in the SSC exam under the Technical Board. Technical Board offers many courses that teach practically. However, every candidate fears about this result because this vocational result is very important. 

SSC Vocational Result 2024 is released, you can check out your individual result. You can collect your result marksheet from online. Also you may become surprise to hear that you can check our institution based result and your district wise results. I am gonna show you the ways.

SSC Vocational Exam Result 2024

Do you know how many students have achieved GPA-5 under the Technical Board? I think the number will surprise you. This year, over 18 thousands students have got GPA-5 under the Technical Board. 

See the statistics of the SSC Vocational Result-

Exam YearTotal CandidatesPassing RateTotal PassedGPA-5
2024128023 (97547 male and 30476 female)85%109357 (82361 male and 26996 female)18546

There is no chance to condemn the SSC result of Technical Board. There are institution of Technical board all across the country. Dhaka city holds the highest number of institution of Technical board. Also the highest number of GPA-5 number has come from Dhaka city.

Under the Technical Board 01 lakh and 09 thousand students secured  minimum GPA-1.00 in every subject. Thus they have passed. But most of the students have got in the range of GPA-4.00 (77914). Also over 12 thousands students got GPA in the range of 3.00.

How to check Vocational Results?

For the curious students, I would say that there were two well-known methods for checking the SSC Exam Vocational Results. First of all, you can check out your results from the official result publishing website. Bangladesh Education Ministry publishes the Technical Board SSC Result by a result portal. The alternative way is the SMS method. You can know your results by sending a SMS.

To check results through online:

  • Go to the result checking portal-
  • Serially select the exam name, board name and the exam year
  • You must select your board name- Technical Board
  • Then enter your registration number and roll number
  • Press on submit button and you will see your results

This is the method to check out results by online method. You can see results and download your marksheet.

It is a matter of pride to get a GPA-5 in the technical board for the students. They studied two years for this result. Well, this year, the exam was conducted from 15 February to March. Then today the result has been released without making any delay. So, the parents can relax seeing the result of their son/daughter.

Technical Board SSC Result

Congratulations to the students who have achieved GPA-5 in the SSC Results 2024 vocational. Those who have successfully passed the SSC Vocational Result will go for college admission. The better Vocational GPA, the better institution you will get for admission. That’s why your GPA is quite important for you. 

Your institution may have printed the result list where all the students’ result show and displayed it on the notice section. You can go to your institution and see your result and also your friend’s results.

Institution Based Result

Are you curious to know your institution based result? At this moment, it is possible to see your SSC Vocational Result  institution wise. Just enter the EIIN number and see the detailed result of your own institution.

To see the Technical Board Institution Based Result-

  • Go to the eboardresults portal
  • Select Result type – Institution Based Result
  • Enter the EIIN number of your institution
  • Then submit and preview your result

You will see the sum of the detailed result there. The total number of candidates, total passed, male-female result comparison and department wise GPA-5 will be presented in the result page.

SSC Vocational Result by SMS

Our education Ministry has started the SMS method for the students. Well it is a good alternative system for the students to know their results. While the result checking online portal doesn’t work or works slowly, you can simply know your SSC Vocational Exam Result by just sending one SMS.

To know results by SMS-

Students of the Technical Board also can check out their results by SMS method. Here I describe the message sending format.

The format is-

  • SSC <> TEC <> Exam Roll number <> Exam Year
  • Example: SSC TEC 852963 2024

You must type the first three letters of the board name (TEC) instead of the full name (Technical). Make sure your SIM has enough balance to send the message. If the message is sent then you will wait for a few seconds to get a reply SMS which contains the result.

Board Challenge Application

Seeing a ‘F” grade in the marksheet is quite depressing. No student wants to see this F grade in their result sheet. However, despite the Vocational Result of Technical Board passing rate being 85%, the rest of 15% have failed. The number of total failed students is over 18 thousand. 

If you are failed, then there is only one way for you. The board challenge application option is available for you. If you don’t want to make a one-year gap, you can take the chance of a board challenge.

Conclusion: Today the SSC Vocational Result 2024 has been declared. Our government has a scholarship system for the SSC passed students. The best scorers will get scholarships from the government. The college/diploma admission will start in a few days. Here, all the notices and updates are given regarding the intermediate admission.

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