Jessore Board SSC Result 2024 Marksheet

Today Jessore Board SSC Result 2024 has been released. The board chairman Prof. Dr. Md. Ahsan Habib has made the declaration. The passing rate has been much better this year. 01 lakh 34 thousands students passed among 1.5 lakh candidates. A press release has been published regarding this SSC Result 2024 Jessore Board publication. The Jessore Board Result is available here to check. SSC Result 2024 Marksheet with Number Jessore Board can be collected from here.

The Jessore Education Board Result is released along with other boards. Since the announcement of the result, the students are searching for the results. Now the waiting ends, all of the candidates can know their GPA.

By various methods, students can check out their Jessore Education Board SSC Exam Results. But the most useful methods are online method and the SMS method. Here are both methods described (the link is given).

Jessore Board SSC Result 2024

The official website is providing the result publishing notice. From the SSC Corner, you can see the notice which shows some numerical data about the Jessore Board Result. As a candidate of SSC exam, you should see the full notice to know the details.

It is known that the girls will be ahead of the boys. There are many well-known institutions under Jessore Board. Well, the good news is many institutions have a 100% passing rate. The PM has appreciated these institutions.

See the statistics of Jessore Board Result-

Total candidatesPassedPassing RateFailedGPA-5
155761 (78003 male and 77758 female)134275 (65172 male and 69103 female)86%2148620668

Jessore Board Result 2024

The students of Jessore Board can check out their results through the main result checking portal. The Web Based Result portal is providing the Jessore Board Results for each student. Do you want to download the Ssc Result Jessore Board Marksheet Online? It is possible to collect Jessore Board SSC Result marksheet from this portal.

Jessore Education Board Result has been already released today. This day is quite important for these students because they are getting the most important result of their education life. Every student remains worried about their performance in the SSC exam. Today they are going to know their achieved Grade Point Average.

Jessore Board SSC Result 2024

SSC Result 2024 Jessore Board

If you take a glance at the SSC Result 2024 Jessore Board statistics, then you will realize that the girls are ahead of the boys by both GPA-5 and passing rate. 65 thousand male students passed when 69 thousand female students passed. 

How to know Jessore Board SSC Result?

To know your Jessore Education Board SSC Exam Result, you can visit the result checking website. Bangladesh Education Ministry publishes public exam results through the main result portal. You should know that there is an SMS method. Students can check results through the SMS method. It is an easy method since just one message has to be sent from your phone. Though SMS charge will be cut, you can know your Jessore Board SSC Result easily when the online method doesn’t work.

SSC Result 2024 Marksheet with Number Jessore Board

The board Exam Controller Dr. Biswas Shaheen Ahmmad has announced publishing the SSC Jessore Education Board Results. He is in-charge for submitting the result data to the Prime Minister.

To Jessore Board SSC Marksheet Download from the online portal-

  • As the first step, go to the result checking website-
  • Select the Exam name, Exam year and your board name- Jessore
  • There will be an option for Result Type. You need to select ‘Individual Result’
  • Two empty boxes will appear, please enter your roll and registration number
  • Then submit to check results

By this way, all the students can check their SSC Result 2024 Jessore Board and download the marksheet. Your total GPA will be shown also each subject wise grades will be mentioned there.

Jessore Board SSC Marksheet Download

Today all the students have got Ssc Result Jessore Board Marksheet Online. The result checking portal is providing the results, all the students will be searching for the result by the same time. Thus, the portal may misbehave or doesn’t work. What would you do? There is another website portal for checking the result. You may go to the other website for checking your results. 

The other result website is www You can go to this result portal for downloading your SSC Marksheet.  You would need to enter roll and registration, same as this result checking method.

There is also SMS method for knowing results. Here is the SMS method described for all the candidates.

Jessore Board SSC Result by SMS

You may think how you can send the message to check out results. You don’t need to worry about it. Here is the SMS format given. You will type the SMS as per as given here. You have to remember that, you must type the first three letters of the board name not the full name.

Check Jessore Education Board SSC Result by SMS-

Open message app and go for new message

  • Type- SSC <> JES <> SSC Roll <> 2024
  • You will send this short SMS to 16222 number

After sending the message, you job is done. You dont need to do anything else. A replied SMS will be sent to your phone. The Jessore Board SSC Result total GPA and each subject wise GPA wil be mentioned there.

You may have learned the SMS method. But the problem is, you cant get marksheet by this method. For downloading SSC marksheet, you must to the web based result portal.

Board Challenge Application

Unfortunately, over 21 thousand students have failed under Jessore Board. This number is fairly large. If you are one of them, consolation goes for you. But don’t lose hope. There is a little hope for you. You can apply for board challenge.

According to the notice, the board challenge will start by tomorrow. If you think your result can improve then you can apply for board challenge. It is easy to apply, you have to send one SMS from Teletalk SIM. Payment has to be done for each paper you apply.

Conclusion: Congratulations to the students those have achieved GPA-5 under Jesore Board. The board chairman has appreciated the students those have got A+. This good result will help you at your college admission + university admission. Be updated for every news by visiting our website.

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